Triassic Trigonometry

by Shapes Like Dinosaurs

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released October 3, 2015

Ernest Whitfield- Bass, vocals (Diplodicus), guitar (Kitten Can Noodle, Diplodicus)
Joseph Daniel Kushner- Guitar, vocals
Sam Goodwin- Drums, percussion, vocals, keys
Tyler Ambrosius- Guitar, bass (Kitten Can Noodle, Diplodicus)

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Sam Goodwin Audio at Sam's house Nov. 2013 to Sept. 2015.
Artwork by Joseph Daniel Kushner.



all rights reserved


Shapes Like Dinosaurs Birmingham, Alabama

Tyler Ambrosius- Gtr/Bass
Daniel Kushner- Gtr/vox
Ernest Whitfield- Gtr/bass/vox
Sam Goodwin- drums/vox

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Track Name: Kitten Can Noodle
you skipped face first into a spider's web
a dyslexic man spit in your 'tips' jar
posies posturing predictably precise
lines cross intentionally at your feet

ev'rything is gleaming with an undeniable perfection

trampling and uprooting flowers
it's happening as the moonlight scours

forget your self to see what else
fret about the future wishing to change the past
remind your self of your farewells
climbing a tree is not beneath your dignity
Track Name: Voices Rant On
(we're all always somewhere we're not)
now you see me
now you do not

i don't know why i can not see this for what it is
i don't know why i can not see you for who you are
(a program full of distractions
hiding so it is never caught)

wandering in the maze of now
(an abundance of emptiness)

our "voices rant on" in "conversation"

the "meaning of life"
is a "fine game
of nil"
does my temporality
deam me unnecessary

ev'ry moment is repeated
every movement retraced

liveliness is death disguised
trapped in this animation

meaning or no meaning
you can't tell if it is true

instants last forever
the seeking never ceases

you can't escape it now
open your eyes
our lives are vanishing, our lives are
our lives are vanishing, our lives are

melt in uncertainty, morning star
nothing is everything, so bizarre

your life is fantasy, stuck in dream
you tend to disagree, veils unseen

you're into blasphemy, so obscene
you're the anomaly i couldn't be

you need some convincing, can't decide
too busy performing, cast aside

realize your mind's eye is hypnotized
i'm sorry i did not recognize

energy of fiction, so contrived
as a matter of fact is a lie

this world is reflected, all is pattern
can you discern what has been neglected

shall we go on?
Track Name: Marvelous Syntax
conditioned to be lost in our thoughts
exist in riddles, cans and cannots

i am rewriting rhetoric rhythmically
marvelous syntax
expert delivery
a perfect smile
(accept everyone except yourself)

i am prototyping pedantic abstractions

count the ways i tell you lies
seated on the sunrise in disguise

are the words beyond their meanings?
what is worth saying?
i've already lost interest in escaping
let go of the need to understand

you look but nothing is seen
you hear but you're not really listening
sadness in ecstacy
all that i need to comprehend is this
mysterious absurdity

nowhere is now here

blood, brains, circuitry, and water
horticulture of demanding dividends
don't know a thing about trust
i'm still under the misconception of us

i am so easily deceived
can you not see?

why is this moment rarely bliss?
deny everything or accept what is
must i misunderstand everything?
Track Name: Cast a Mountain
cast a mountain into the sea

collapsing waves awaiting a collapsing sun
memory of a remembrance
beware your ego

impossible articulation
there are no words left for what this is
just be where you are

you say what you believe
well i have nothing
nothing to say

whispers to the floor boards
no replies, no whys
distrust unrest belies
striving for nothing
truth's passion haunting
unfold desire
before new is through

say the first thing that comes to your mind
say anything

duality is the malady
mutuality a formality
the fertility of civility
anonymity of my identity

cast a mountain into the sea?
you have to be kidding me

i did not intend for any of this not to
happen but it's all happening now
let go

diagrammed meanderings
i think that i'll go
overturn these tables and seats
Track Name: Diplodocus
Brillante como el verano su
Papá me dio un consejo
Dejalo. Olvidado.
Muy a mí pesar
Vamos a descansar.

mes de domingos
Fuera de bromo quiero
quitar me sombrero
Muy a mí agrado
y adelante me conozco!

(translation: bright like the sun
her dad gave me advice
"let it go! forget about it"
much to my dismay
let's rest (a)
month of sundays

truth be told I want
to tip my imaginary hat
much to my delight
from now on i'll know this)

there's not much to see here
take me to a brighter place
surrender to the flow
sometimes you crash, most times you float

i almost did not recognize you
cope with no beginning
darkness gives to the light
what silence gives to sound
struggle to no end
ev'rything should be done in exclamation!
i am you trying to explain myself
Track Name: Puddled Out
spirit lying prostrate
no sounds, no bounds
silver screen dreams scream for green harmony
reinforce misanthropy

say it-
There's no one to live inside
your head
slippery thoughts that hide intentions
shudder to mention
avoided but never far
what you could be and now are in excess
become weightless

struggle with insanity.

keep it
this secret until i die.
it's you who is dead, not i
you can't tell
if this is farewell

face it
you're just as lost me.
how much you want to see
grand design
where is the time?

stuck in a cog of symbols with you
still ignorant of the truth

synchronous coincidence
just forget it did not happen
remember it before it happens

are memories expectations?

this moment is a gift that you choose
you can take it for granted or with gratitude

strung up and tied down
mind is free
blurry and red-faced
just try me

is nothing
the matter?
both improve-
that won't soothe

blindfold my eyes and
bind my wrists
madness is pleasure's

ev'ry thought should not
be pursued
do not let your thoughts
seduce you

always re-
i am you.
that won't do.